Why Googlers attend the Internet Identity Workshop

Thursday, March 26, 2009 6:28 PM

Posted by Eric Sachs, Senior Product Manager, Google Security

Google’s participation in the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) has grown from a few lone individuals at its founding in 2005 to fifteen Googlers at the last IIW. The reason for this growth is that as Google has started to provide more APIs and developer tools for our application hosting business, we have found that standards and interoperability for identity and security on the Internet are critical.  Our engineers attend to discuss standards such as OAuth, OpenSocial, OAuth, SAML, Portable Contacts, as well as longer term trends around discovery, malware, phishing, and stronger authentication.  Another major topic is the usability of these technologies, which we summarized in a blog post after the last IIW.

We hope that other companies and individuals working in these areas will register to attend IIW 2009a and start building momentum for another great event.  If you attended either the Facebook hosted UX summit in Feb 2009 or the Yahoo hosted UX summit in Oct 2008, you can join in further discussions on those topics at the upcoming IIW.

Google attendees: Dirk Balfanz, Nathan Beach, Breno de Medeiros, Cassie Doll, Brian Eaton, Ben Laurie, Kevin Marks, John Panzer, Eric Sachs, and more to come
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